How Does GOJEK Design A Product That Actually “Fits”

Product market fit, pitfalls and scale. Niranjan Paranjape, CTO of GOJEK & Aakash Dharmadhikari, Head of Product Analytics joins Nadiem to recollect on how far the company has come. How did data contributed to the change of a company initially thought to only provide on-demand courier service for businesses into Indonesia’s No 1 SuperApp?

Team Sport Called Product (Takeaways From 100x Growth of Gojek)

GOJEK has witnessed massive growth in the last few years and the one thing that keeps the focus on growth, yet maintaining sanity is..the product culture.  Your competitor can always copy your product, features but the one thing they can’t copy is the team culture and the soul. Great product companies have a hidden differentiator which is the team, the product culture; and they do manage to maintain this culture even at scale, even when they are growing exponentially.

Dealing with Hyper-growth @ Meta Refresh

When a company launches an MVP into a market, it’s not just your product that is minimally viable; your whole company is in the same mode. When that hits a hockey stick, your challenge is not just the tech but your product management, sales, ops, finances… basically everything needs to get onto nitro boosters and all at the same time. Given this is MetaRefresh, I will focus on the challenges we faced while scaling GO-JEK from an MVP product to a billion dollar product. What to focus on? What not to focus on? When are unfinished products not just OK but required? How even a billion dollar company needs to hack around to validate markets.

What Does Growth Mean In 2016? - UnPluggd Panel Discussion

Aaditya Sood of, Pratyush Prasana of MagicX, Shailesh Lakhan of Sequoia Capital & Aakash Dharmadhikari of GO-JEK on What Growth Means In 2016!  UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference is the flagship event of NextBigWhat and was held at park plaza hotel in Bangalore.  The next edition of UnPluggd would be held in Nov 2016. Subscribe and stay updated.